Complete Penis Enlargement

Penis StretcherAll the Traction devices (also known as Penis Extenders or Penis Stretchers) available today are built on the same principle but there is vast difference in the quality of these products.
All these programs work on the Jelq technique which has been used over many years for Penis Enlargement.

Using these penis devices (called Power Jelq) accelerates Penis Growth (penis size) in comparison with the traditional Jelq techniques for complete penis enlargement. In fact, doctors now recommend the penis extender as a viable alternative to surgery.

Penis Extenders are available as stand-alone extender devices and also some companies like Size Genetics™ & ProExtender™ offer a bundle of the Penis Extender along with FREE Penis Enlargement Pills, Sperm Increasing Pills and penis exercise programs for ultimate or complete penis enlargement.

By combining various methods, it is believed that the penis grows faster and the results are permanent.

Penis Enlargement Extenders Review

ProductsRatingsEffectivenessGuaranteePriceReviewsVisit Site
#1 Product ReviewSizegenetics Penis Enlargement Extenders5 Stars RatingExcellent180 Days$199.95SIZEGENETICS FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE
Phallosan Penis Extender#6 RatingStar RatingsExcellent2 weeks$339.00PHALLOSAN FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE
ProExtender Penis Extenders#2 RatingsStar RatingsExcellent180 Days$299.95PROEXTENDER FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE
#4 RatingJesExtender Penis Extender4 Stars RatingsVery Good356 Days$249.00JESEXTENDER FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE
MaleEdge Penis Extender#4 RatingsStar RatingsVery Good180 Days$179.00MALEEDGE FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE
Vimax Penis Extender#6 RatingsStar RatingsVery Good180 Days$99.95VIMAX FULL REVIEW VISIT SITE


Penis Extender Devices Review

#1 SizeGenetics Extender RatingSizeGenetics ExtenderSIZEGENETICS – SizeGenetics penis extenders, unlike some of the other Extenders has been classified by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Device Type 1, and has the CE sign.

It is the most comprehensive of all penis enlargement extender systems available on the market.

The Size Genetics Penis Extender is a system developed by doctors and works on the principle of combining various enlargement methods into one resulting in accelerated penis growth.

The program incorporates a Traction device (Penis Stretcher or penis extender) and a Penis Enlargement Exercise Program (PenisHealth™) into one cohesive program for guaranteed faster results.

SizeGenetics System is a complete Solution

Devised by doctors to promote tissue growth, the penis device applies gentle traction along the length of the penis.

This forces new, larger and healthier cells to generate to accommodate the gentle, steady force. The success of this approach is demonstrated in some African tribes people who elongate their necks, ears and lower lips for cultural reasons. It is one of the highest quality penis extenders available today.
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#1 Phallosan Penis Extender RatingPhallosan Penis ExtenderPHALLOSAN – Clinically tested and patented product Phallosan is proven to enlarge the penis by 1.9 inches in length and 0.78 in girth in just 6 months.

Phallosan forte underwent a clinical study in 2005 with fantastic results, then followed by a publication in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine”. They are the market leaders in the penis enhancement industry.

Phallosan is a stretching device that cleverly combines the traction and vacuum technology(the technology penis pumps use).

Both the complete study and the journal entry are available on their website. Their website has 25 country specific landing pages, which means many nationals can read the information there.

Every shipment comes with the new third-generation condoms.
PHALLOSAN® forte penis enlarger is an application that can be worn continuously for up to 12 hours, i.e. even at night. It works on the principle of a stretch belt worn comfortably and invisibly beneath the clothing.

PHALLOSAN forte may also enlarge the head of the penis (glans), as the tension acts on the tip of the glans.

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#3 ProExtender Systems RatingProExtender Systems ReviewPROEXTENDER SYSTEMS – The ProExtender™ System (penis extender) is also a penis enlargement combination like the SizeGenetics.

The ProExtender™ Penis Extender System consists of products from Albion Medical and Dana Medic reputed for high quality medical enlargement device and supplements from a trusted Male Enhancement Supplement provider.

The Penis Extender comes in two versions – Deluxe and Original. Proextender™ is also sold as a stand alone device without penis enlargement pills and Exercise CD.

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#4 JesExtender Male Enhancement RatingJesExtender Male EnhancementJESEXTENDER – The Jes-Extender is a non surgical penis enlargement product which uses traction to naturally make the penis larger – both in length and girth.

Probably you’re unimpressed, embarrassed or disheartened by your penis size, maybe tired of worrying that you won’t satisfy a new lover, or simply want to enhance your penis size for that special person and occasions, then you’re in luck! JesExtender can do the trick.

A new life that is awash with the improved self-confidence that can come from having a bigger penis!
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#5 MaleEdge Penis Extender RatingMaleEdge Penis ExtenderMALEEDGE – With the MaleEdge Penis Enlarger, penis growth is guaranteed. On average, men using the MaleEdge increase their penis size by 28% length and 19% by girth.

Did you know that smoking cigarettes can decrease penis size by up to one centimeter?

With the traction-based MaleEdge penis enlarger, you decide how much traction you apply to your penis. You also decide how long you wear the penis enlarger for.

The more you wear your penis enlarger, the bigger you’ll grow. And as soon as you’re happy with your new length/girth, you can simply stop using it. Ultimately, you set your own goals for penis enlargement – and the MaleEdge penis enlarger will help you achieve them.

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#6 Vimax Penis Extender RatingVimax Penis Extender VIMAX EXTENDER SYSTEMS – Would you like to be known as a sex god?

The Vimax Penis Extender has taken natural penis enlargement to the privacy of the home adding both penis length and girth to your penis. It has also been medically proven to correct penile curvature. It has been developed by Danamedic Aps. (Denmark).

You probably are wondering if this product really works or is just another useless device that won’t help.

Vimax Penis Extender has been developed by a medical doctor Jorn Ege Siana, who’s an expert in penis lengthening and enlargement. After extensive research he came up with the first developement of the penis extender device in 1994.

Since that time the vimax penis extender product has undergone many different clinical studies and changes and has won the trust of thousands of Doctors worldwide. Clinics worldwide use this product as a safe alternative to penis surgery. You can stop dreaming of having a larger penis and finally achieve the results.

The only drawback is that it does not come with Free Exercise Program (like sizegenetics penis extender system or free pills like proextender penis extender system) but you don’t really need that with VIMAX penis extender as it produces great results on its own.

So if you are looking for just the penis extender, VIMAX penis extender may be the one for you.

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A Penis Extender can be worn underneath a loose trouser and can be adjusted to apply the desired amount of traction in order to stretch the penis. Over a period of time, the penis cells grow and multiply under this force thereby elongating (lengthening and enlarging) the penis.

This is one of the most sure-shot ways of stretching the penis to attain bigger penis size!