Best Fat Binders

Fat Binders ReviewFat Binders refers are natural weightloss products whose components are lipophillic, which means that they can bind and “assemble” fat molecules.

Fat Binders are superior to other pills owing to their ability to prevent the absorption and digestion of dietary fats. Part of ingested fats (averagely 25-28%) is passed out of your body unabsorbed in the digestive tract. Fat binders simply stop a lot of fat in foods being absorbed by the body in the first instance.

In this way fat binders help you lose weight effectively by binding the fat before they are digested or absorbed in your body.

We have thus reviewed the best fat binder products currently on the market for individuals to make informed choices.

Top Fat Binder Pills for WeightLoss Review

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#1 Product ReviewProactol Fat Binder Pills Review 5 Stars Rating Excellent 180 Days$51.20PROACTOL PLUS FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE
Formoline L112 Fat Binder Pills#2 Ratings Star Ratings Very Good 30 Days $47.00 FORMOLINE L112 FULL REVIEW VISIT SITE
#3 RatingLIPObind Fat Binder Pills 4 Stars Ratings Very Good 30 Days $25.00LIPOBIND FULL REVIEWVISIT SITE


Best Fat Binder Pills Review to Lose Weight Fast

#1 Proactol Plus Fat Binder Pills RatingProactol Fat Binder PillsPROACTOL PLUS – First, there was Proactol… and now, there’s the Proactol Plus. The first Proactol realeased in 2007 was deemed the best Fat binder by miles.

They have gone back and come out with a much more improved version (It just can’t get better!). So wher does that leave the rest?
Proactol Plus is a 100% dietary fibre supplement which is considered the most powerful fat binder currently.

Proactol Plus fat binder contains soluble and insoluble fibres that act to prevent fatty acids in foods being ingested by the body.

The key ingredient NeOpuntia is taken from a cactus called Opuntia ficus-indica also known as prickly pear.
The non-soluble fibre interacts with dietary fat found in your stomach and forms a gel-like substance which is harder to absorb by your body. Thus, Proactol makes up to 28% of your fat indigestible which later on naturally passes out of your body. It also help cut out 295 caloric intake per day.

The soluble fibre on the other hand functions by slowing down digestion process within your body. Proactol Plus, when it comes together with the acid in your stomach forms a ‘spongy’ solution which is harder to digest, hence making you feel fuller for a much longer time. This way you can forget your cravings for food for a while.

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#2 Formoline L112 Fat Binder Pills RatingFormoline L112 Fat Binder Pills ReviewFORMOLINE L112 – Formoline L112 is being voted Germany’s No.1 slimming product for the last 4 years. The natural ingredients in formoline L112 binds a proportion of the fat in your food preventing it being absorbed by your body.

The bound fat simply passes through your digestive tract. Less fat in also means less inches on the waistline and thus less cholesterol.

Formoline L112 fat binder is an EU certified Medical Device Class lll and has a number of documented studies attesting to its efficacy and safety. Formoline L112 has shown to be well tolerated and offers dietary assistance to those looking for effective long-term weight-loss management.

Directions for Use: Weight reduction – 2 tablets, twice daily.
Weight Maintenance – 1 tablet, twice daily

The bottle contains 48 capsules

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#3 LIPObind Fat Binder Pills RatingLIPObind Fat Binder PillsLIPOBIND – LIPObind™ is a natural supplement made from dried cactus extract that assists in the reduction of the amount of fat our body absorbs from the food we eat daily.

In clinical trials it has been found to eliminate up to 27% of undigested fats and up to 150 calories from a standard meal, which in a nutshell act as a fat blocker as well.

LIPObind fat binder binds fat as soon as it comes into contact with dietary fats in the stomach, creating a large fat-fibre complex. A stable fluid gel is then formed that entirely surrounds and stabilizes the fibre complex. Once this gel is formed, the complex remains unaffected by the changes in pH levels that occur between the stomach and the small intestine.

This fat-fibre complex with the undigested fat is prevented from being absorbed in the small intestine and is subsequently removed naturally through the stool.

Just as the Proactol Plus fat binder, LIPObind is a patented fibre complex that consists of:

Teeth Whitening Kits Review Non-soluble fibres that are clinically proven to bind dietary fats through irreversible hydrophobic interactions

Teeth Whitening Kits Review Soluble fibres that are highly sticky in nature that bind bile acids and slow the absorption of glucose.

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