Is Vimax Penis Extender a Scam?

vimax extender reviewVimax is a company that has been in business for over ten years and specializes in the process of helping men to increase their penis size and length.

Many studies have been conducted by the company, which show that their products work and many testimonials can be found about success stories.

The company has two main products. Their main product is the Vimax Penis Extender. This male enhancement device is placed over the penis and uses a stretching technique, which will gradually grow the length and width of the penis in about six months.

Results do vary, depending on your particular body, but many have found great success with using this product. It can help to avoid expensive and dangerous surgeries and medical procedures and still offer the same benefits of a longer and thicker penis.

Issues With Penis Size

Penis size has been found to directly effect the satisfaction that people receive during sexual interactions and can a small penis can lead to depression and anxiety. Before, the only way to extend the length of a man’s penis was by surgery, but now there are many other options available. Vimax penis extender now offers a natural way to extend the length and size of your penis.

Another option offered by Vimax is penis enlargement pills which are arguably the number 1 rated pill available. They promise to increase penis size and boost sexual performance as well. They are made from all natural and very effective ingredient, which means you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects that the pills may cause.

According to customers, you shouldn’t be worried about wasting your money because they work great for everyone. Currently, the company is offering a risk free assessment of the product, meaning that you only need to pay the shipping and handling which is around $6.

Vimax penis enlargement pills claim to increase the size of men’s penises by up to 3 or 4 inches in length and around 25% to 30% in circumference. It also claims to increase the sexual performance of men from ages 18 to 75.

While many men have seen these type of results by using Vimax products, it is important to remember a few things when beginning this process.

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Vimax Results May Vary

vimax products reviewMost men are not able to achieve these type of results without conducting male enhancement exercises. These are not “miracle pills” and there is added work involved other than just taking the medication.

Also, there are many natural male enhancement products that work just as well as Vimax that you can try as well.

Enlarging a man’s penis depends solely on the ingredients that are included in the pills and it is a very common process. The main focus of male enhancement products is to increase the blood flow to your penis. This is what causes you to gain an erection, so therefore added blood flow will add to the overall size of your penis.

Vimax Penis Enlargement Pill Ingredients

When it comes to Vimax penis enlargement pills, it is important to understand the ingredients that are included and what they do to your body:

Vimax Penis Extender Systems Review Panax Ginseng – This promotes emotional and physiological functions. It has been used to cure infertility, and premature ejaculation. It can help with blood flow and increase the volume of semen that is expelled during ejaculation.
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewSaw Palmetto Powder – This can give you added endurance while having sex, and has been shown to increase the sex drive in men. It can also heighten your level of satisfaction.
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewHawthorne Berry – will help you to manage your blood pressure and to prevent coronary heart problems. Regulating your heart rate is important because some of the other ingredients in Vimax may cause your blood pressure to rise.
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewCayenne Pepper – Also helps manage your blood pressure and prevent coronary heart problems.
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewAvena Sativa and Inosine Anhydrous – Aids sexual activity in both men and women and has been used for many years. It can help to increase your libido and give you longer erections without any unwanted side effects.
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewGingko Biloba – Increases oxygenation and blood circulation and has been used to cure erectile dysfunction.
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewDodder Seed – Used to cure male impotence, early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
Vimax Penis Extender Systems ReviewTribulus Terestris Powder – Boosts testosterone level and it the main factor in enhancing your sexual activity.

It is important when choosing a male enhancement product to review all the information that you can find about the particular product that you are researching. It may be a good idea to seek medical guidance during this process as well.

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vimax system reviewA doctor will be able to offer a professional opinion about your specific condition and be able to make sure that there are no other medical issues that need to be addressed.

A doctor will also be able to help you learn about any side effects that you can expect by using a male enhancement product. It is important to remember that everyone’s body works differently.

Keep this in mind when reading about the results that others have seen and when comparing their results to yours. Results can vary greatly between men and may take more or less time to surface depending on the situation.

Remember to be selective when choosing male enhancement products and to follow all instructions carefully. If instructions are not followed closely, it may result in damage to yourself or to you not receiving the desired results that the product promises.

For best results, look into exercise that you can perform that will help you to naturally increase your penis size. This is the best way to attempt to develop a penis size that you will be proud of and will help satisfy your sexual activities adequately.

Talk with your partner about any inhibitions that you may be having and to better understand what you need to do to become a better lover. By keeping your line of communication open with your partner, you will stand a better chance of maintaining a happy, healthy sex life for years to come.
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How to Use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Device

sizegenetics doctor approvedSizeGenetics is one of the top-rated penis enlargement devices available today. And according to most Size Genetics device review sites, it is also one of the easiest devices to use.

Let this simple SizeGenetics male enhancement review show you the correct way on how to use SizeGenetics so you can freely evaluate whether or not it is the right method for you.

What’s Inside SizeGenetics Male Enhancement Package

Before we begin teaching you how to use SizeGenetics, it is best if you know exactly what you will get once you decide to buy the product. Basically, SizeGenetics is used to extend your penis a few inches longer. There are three packages to choose from when buying the product.

These are the:
Basic Device Package – this set includes just the SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 device and the Instructional DVD
Standard Package – this throws in the SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 Device, the 58-way Ultimate Comfort System, SizeGenetics Luxury Leather Case, and the Instructional DVD in the package.
SizeGenetics Ultimate System – this set comes complete with what’s included in the Basic Package plus a Multi Head Piece, MDA 3-Way Head Piece, Spare Parts, Locks and Key, Travel Case, Device Cleaning Wipes, Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturizer, Traction Plus Powder, and an entire DVD collection for better sex, seduction, fitness, and PenisHealth exercises.

How SizeGenetics Male Enhancement Works

The concept behind SizeGenetics is the use of the medical process called traction continually to extend the muscles of the penis. This is the same method used for extending the arms or the legs of people suffering from stunted growth.

By stretching the penis for a long period of time, it will stimulate its growth by a few inches longer. Furthermore, it may even address the curving issues of the penis.

As a Medical Type 1 device, SizeGenetics is clinically proven to improve the size and the length of the penis with continual use. Simply wear it properly and for extended hours in order to achieve maximum results.

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How to use SizeGenetics Penis Extender

The SizeGenetics penis enlargement device is supposed to be worn on the penis for hours, preferably for most of the day. You can use it while you’re at home or at the office working.

What’s so good about the SizeGenetics penis enlargement device is the fact that it can be discreetly hidden under the pants. That alone makes it the most preferable product of its type. Below are the detailed instructions on how to use the product:

Part 1: Preparation for Wearing the Device

It is important to warm up the penis before wearing SizeGenetics. Since it will be constrained for long hours, it is necessary that its fully up to that particular task. To do just that, follow these steps:

How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Cover your penis with a hand towel soaked in lukewarm water. Be sure that any excess water is squeezed out.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Wrap the towel around the penis for 5 minutes.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Dry the penis with another towel.

These three steps are not to be skipped because it makes the blood circulate nicely throughout the penis. The lukewarm water also makes the skin of the penis somewhat softer, which is very ideal to achieve a better grip.

Part 2: Wearing the Device

How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Try to erect your penis. Semi-erection is ideal.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Open the ring or the silicone loop of the device and insert it over the head of the penis, finally resting it on the base.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Strap in the soft comfort pad into the device.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Carefully pull down the loop until the head part is secured.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Adjust the device to make it conform well with the penis. Adjust until you feel very comfortable with the device on. You can use any of the items included in the 58-way Ultimate Comfort fit until you achieve maximum comfort while wearing the device. As much as possible, it should not keep you from doing your daily chores.
How to use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher Wear the device for at least two hours every day. To remove it, carefully unlock and undo the steps listed.

buy sizegenetics systemThe SizeGenetics Penis enlargement device is intended for extended use for up to 8 hours.

You can wear it before going to work, just take it out when you get home. Removing the device daily is very important to give the muscles in your penis the chance to relax, recover, and rebuilt the tissues. Those are important for the growth process to complete.

Does the SizeGenetics Male Enhancement Product Work?

If you were to trust all the user testimonials found on the SizeGenetics official website and the different SizeGenetics device review sites, you will be convinced that this product really works. The official site even claims that the stories, pictures, and names of the people talking about the product are authentic.

Basing on the science behind SizeGenetics, this male enhancement product indeed, has a very high chance of working on any man. And because it is backed up by a clinical test, all the more it shows that the device may actually work just as designed for you.

For all the men out there who are currently looking for ways to safely and naturally enlarge their penis, SizeGenetics may prove to be a great choice. It will deliver the results that you need, all without subjecting your body to pain, side effects, and health hazard.

It is sure worth a try. It may not come very cheap like other brands do, but it certainly is worth your time and money.
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Is Male Edge Penis Stretcher a Scam?

Male-edge works effectivelyAn important thing that you need to determine when choosing a method to enlarge your penis, is whether the options that you are considering is legitimate or not.

There are many methods offered today that promise to provide you with added length and thickness. Each come with their own clinical studies and proven results, but do they really work?

Most male enhancement products work on a traction method. Basically, the device is fitted to your penis and over the course of a few weeks to a few months, it will slowly stretch your penis to a new size. The device is worn for a minimum of 2 hours with maximum results being given to those committed to wearing it for 8 hours per day.

MaleEdge Penis Extender Company Background

The creators of Male Edge were the first company to develop a product of this nature and have since become one of the biggest sellers of male enhancement products on the market. This second generation device comes in three different models basic, extra and pro and each offers testimonials about how this device helped many men who used these products.

However, when you do a bit more research, you will find some who believe that this product, and those like it, are scams. One website claims that there is a downside to using these devices.

Although they use a basic stretching method of lengthening your penis, some believe that while they will cause a lengthening to the suspensory and fundiform ligaments that cause the penis to get longer, they will do little in the way of thickening your penis.

This can cause your penis to become quite thin and therefore a bit unstable during sex. It can even cause sex to become painful.

Another method the Male Edge uses is an ancient form of male enlargement called jelquing. This method allows added blood flow to the penis, therefore making it thicker and stretching the ligaments as well.

While this is an ancient method that has been used for many years, it has only been recently completed by a machine or a contraption. There is the possibility that by using a device to perform jelquing, you may risk injury to yourself that may not be reversible.

One other popular product that Male Edge offers is a penis pump. These were originally invented to help men overcome erectile dysfunction and is completed by using the device to pump large quantities of blood into the penis.

This will help to nourish your penis and, with time, may help the tissues of the penis to grow in size and help retain a larger penis overall. However, some have experienced major issues when using a penis pump. Some men have damaged nerves or have even caused burst blood vessels after using the device.

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Other Male Edge Penis Extender Options

maleedge extenderOne option that does not require surgery, or stretching or engorging of your penis is male enhancement exercises. These methods have been used for many years and have proven to be successful for many men.

They are a safer and more natural alternative and you should try them first before purchasing any device that will enlarge your penis by force.

It is also a good idea to talk with your doctor before beginning any treatment to enlarge your penis. They will be able to offer a professional medical opinion about any methods that they have seen work in the past, as well as side effects that you may experience while attempting to enlarge your penis.

It is important to remember that many of the effects caused by enlarging your penis are typically irreversible. You should keep this in mind before beginning any type of male enlargement regimen.

It is also important to remember that everyone is created differently. Results that one may see have the possibility of being very different for you. While you need to seek advice from those who have used the product in the past, you also need to be mindful to not expect the exact results that they have seen.

While the device may work great for some, it will not for all and you should look at both sides of the reviews in order to make the best decision for you.

It is stressed that you should follow the instructions for MaleEdge stretcher carefully when you use this product. Many of the men who have seen injuries have not been using the product as intended. Not following the user’s manual can lead to many of the injuries that have been aforementioned above.

maleedge products reviewOne of the benefits of some of the more expensive models of Male Edge is that they come with instructional videos and user’s guides to help you use the product correctly.

Detail research has been conducted on these devices and there is no signs that these devices will not work as long as they are used as intended. This is an age old method that has been modernized by this company and has undergone testing by many reputable sources.

Test subjects who were observed over a 6 month period all saw and increase to their penis size in the amount of 2 to 3 inches. These results also show an increase in the girth of the penis in around 20%.

These studies have been conducted both by the company and by independent sources as well. You will even be able to find individual reviews online from people who have used these products at home and found great success.

It is important to conduct good research when determining if you should try a male enhancement product. Using one incorrectly can lead to permanent damage and painful intercourse.

Be sure that you have read all reviews and talked to your doctor before you begin using a male enhancement product. If you have a permanent partner, you will also want to discuss the product with them and the results that may occur.

This is the best way to help maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and to make sure you both are receiving what you need sexually from each other.
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SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort Technology

16 way comfort technology reviewOne of the most highlighted points of a SizeGenetics device review is its 16-way comfort technology system. SizeGenetics is a very popular product right now.

If you happen to read an unbiased SizeGenetics penis extender review, you’ll know exactly how good this one is, and how effectively it will make your ultimate wish of lengthening the penis come true.

The SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort System Defined

The 16-way comfort system is one of the most salient features of SizeGenetics. It is what makes this penis enlargement device very different from all the rest. The SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort Technology System is now referred to as the 58-way Ultimate Comfort System.

The new system basically follows the same concept, only further boosted to make enlarging the penis a lot less hassle-free and more comfortable.

How Does the SizeGenetics Comfort Technology Features Work?

The 16-way comfort system simply corresponds to the 16 different ways on how a user can possibly wear the SizeGenetics penis enlargement device. SizeGenetics is regarded as a Medical Type 1 device that uses the muscle traction technique.

This means that when the device is worn exactly as described, it will enlarge the penis by causing small tears on the penile muscles. These small tears, in turn, will trigger body regeneration. Over time, the extra cells and tissues will cause the penis to appear bigger and longer.

But before any of that is achieved, the device has to be worn for hours every day. And here is where the SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort Technology System comes into play.

Because of it, men are able to wear SizeGenetics for up to 8 hours daily, without having to worry about any comfort-related issues. What’s more, the system allows a person to go about his daily chores without experiencing pain or uneasiness.

What Makes up the SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort System?

The components included in the SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort Technology System are:
Sizegenetics 16-way Comfort Technology Silicon Noose Fastener – this device attaches itself underneath the penis. The noose pulls the penile head upward, thus producing a better yet more comfortable hold

Sizegenetics 16-way Comfort Technology Comfort Strap – if in any case you feel that the silicone noose causes slight queasiness, you can always use this strap instead. Anytime that the silicon noose tends to grip the penis head so much, the comfort strap can be used for the same purpose instead. It is designed to wrap around the penis as it does the same job

Sizegenetics 16-way Comfort Technology Protection Pad – the pad protects and adds another layer of comfort to the strap or the silicone noose when either one is in use. Its use is recommended for people who don’t want to feel like they are wearing anything down there

Sizegenetics 16-way Comfort Technology Fabric-covered Latex Head Grip – men who get a little disturbed because the comfort strap or the silicon noose rubs the skin of the penis too much, this grip can be used alternately

Sizegenetics 16-way Comfort Technology Non Slip Protech Matt Strap – this is another special attachment strap that can be used by men who are having issues with either the silicon noose or the comfort strap. It can be used alternately with the two and along with the other comfort-related components of SizeGenetics

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What Users Say About the SizeGenetics 16-way Comfort Technology System

SizeGenetics Penis StretcherThe testimonials featured on any SizeGenetics device review show how well users appreciate the comfort system added to the device.

The feedbacks SizeGenetics receives are usually about its secure fit, it’s no-rubbing issue, the convenience of having alternate methods, its better usage options, and of course, its unparalleled comfort.

Even medical doctors recommend this device, which further asserts its effectiveness. SizeGenetics is a clinically tested medical device made in Europe. It is processed using high manufacturing standards to guarantee its performance effectiveness.

Right now, the device is offered with a 100% money back guarantee that is valid for 6 months.

Other Comfort Technologies Utilized by SizeGenetics

Aside from the 16-way comfort system, SizeGenetics has also adopted the MDA Technology or the Multi Directional Angling Technology. This technology effectively extends the penis at a comfortable angle.

This angling system, which is pioneered by SizeGenetics, is used by only a handful of other penis enlargement devices. And without a doubt, this technology makes SizeGenetics one of the most sophisticated penis enlargement tools today.

Why Comfort is Very Important

Comfort means ease of use. And when a product or device can be used easily and without any worries, it will be used as frequently as needed. Many penis enlargement devices are left ignored after a short time because men find it too disconcerting to wear.

A device that is not comfortable is not the type anyone would like to use – especially not for long hours. If men are bothered by their penis enlargement device almost every minute, they’d start to feel that it is not worth the pain. Penis enlargement devices shouldn’t be worrisome at all.

If anything, it should allow you to do what you normally do, and make you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. After all, the effectiveness of penis enlargement devices like SizeGenetics lies entirely on how it is frequently used.

Always remember that if comfort will always be an issue with penis enlargement devices. If it is not comfortable enough, then it’s useless. And that’s no matter how innovative its design or construction is.

SizeGenetics clearly has found a way to mesh comfort and performance – the combination that is very necessary with this type of devices.
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How to Use Phallosan forte Penis Extender

phallosan forte reviewMany men are unhappy with the size and performance of their penis during sex. Perhaps they have difficulty maintaining penile rigidity for sufficient sexual intercourse.

Even if their partner reacts in a positive manner, this can prove to be unsettling and lead to depression and anxiety.

It can also cause quite a bit of strain on a relationship. Surprisingly, this situation is not uncommon. Studies have shown that nearly half of men who are over the age of 40 may need assistance occasionally and this percentage only increases with age.

Men may need assistance for a number of reasons. Worries and concerns over professional situations, finances and even private matters or problems with their partner will play a huge role. Most frequently, physical reasons are to blame.

Since the body is not a machine, it is surprising to some as to how much sensitivity it reacts to. It is important to speak with a physician when experiencing these issues. They will be able to examine you for any medical conditions that you may have and also be able to give you sound advice on what to do.

Phallosan Forte

how to use phallosan forte If your doctor does not find anything wrong with you medically, you may want to begin looking for a natural method to help with your penis issue. One such option is Phallosan forte penis stretcher. This product helps to stimulate the blood flow to the penis. The penis reacts to this process with an increase of sensitivity.

This can be accompanied by a pleasurable sensation that is intensified due to the sensitive nerve ends. These nerve ends are extremely important when producing sexual desire and arousal. They are also stimulated, in a positive manner, by the increase of blood flow.

Phallosan has been on the market for fourteen years. This system is a penile rigidity device used externally to create or maintain rigidity of the penis for sexual intercourse. The makers of this device have multiple years experience dealing with issues of the penis and have used this experience to help them create the best product on the market.

Before using this device it is important to understand how much positive force Phallosan can create in order to help you maintain rigidity for sexual intercourse. There are six different levels of force that can be used with this device:
Level 1 – 0.88 lb (0.4 kg)
Level 2 – 1.87 lb (0.85 kg)
Level 3 – 2.43 lb (1.1 kg)
Level 4 – 3.31 lb (1.5 kg)
Level 5 – 4.41 lb ( 2.0 kg)
Level 6 – 6.61 lb+ (3.0 kg+)

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Preparing Phallosan Penis Stretcher for Use

After you receive you the Phallosan forte penis stretcher, there are several basic steps that you will need to take in order to use it correctly.

Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher The product will come with an orthopedic belt that you will first need to spread out in front of you. Adjust the belt to the longest length by means of the buckle.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Next you need to determine the correct suction bell size by using the measuring template that is enclosed. To do so, pull your flaccid penis away from your body and measure the penis shaft.

  • Currently, the most common size comes attached to the sleeve condom and the tension clip with tension spring attachment in the set. Remove the tension clip if you should need a different size.
  • Next you will take the appropriate bell and use the suction ball to adapt it. Not, it will only snap into position with the arrow symbol. The correct size sleeve condom will need to be slipped over the bead of the bell and the tension clip should be reattached
  • The bead of the bell will snap into the groove that is on the sleeve condom on the thick end of the sleeve condom. The sleeve condom can rupture if it is pulled to far over the bead of the bell
    (a) The sleeve condom will loose its coating after several day, so it is important to apply baby powder to the outer surface occasionally. This will protect it from friction, adhesion and tearing
  • Now you will want to clamp the bell between your knees and carefully roll the sleeve condom to the edge of the suction bell. Secure it behind the bead of the suction bell

Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher After these steps are completed, you will need to remove the one size fits all protector cap and which should be slipped snugly the glans. (After a few weeks of use, you will not need to use the protector cap. It will protect your glans from damage during the initial introduction phase of using the product.)

Phallosan forte Instructions for Use

phallosan forte fda approved
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Insert the penis into the suction bell and roll the sleeve condom over the penis.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Turn on the suction mechanism by turning the green protruding marker to the suction symbol. Press the suction ball several times in order to draw your glans further into the bell.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Turn the suction mechanism back off by turning the green protruding marker to the lock symbol.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Slip the white foam rubber ring on the belt over the suction bell apparatus until it rests on the root of the penis
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Pull the belt around your waist.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Turn the tension clip towards your body and connect the eyelets.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Tighten the belt until you can begin to feel your penis being stretched. The belt should slant upwards in the groin area. Pull the belt up around the buttocks toward the waist.
Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher You are now ready to carry on with your normal activities.

This device is safe to wear up to twelve hours per day, and it is important that you follow instructions carefully in order to avoid developing issues stemming from the use of this product for male enhancement.

Be sure to read all instructions carefully before operating this device and speak to your doctor for his opinion as well. Proper use of this product is very important, both for your health and for obtaining the best results.
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SizeGenetics Traction Device Review

sizegenetics extender comfort strap1Extending and enlarging the penis is medically possible. But to do it correctly and safely is the bigger challenge. There are many people who suggest doing exercises.

There are those who promote the intake of supplements and drugs. And still there are some who would recommend the use of a penis enlargement device. Of all these suggestions, one method that is worth checking is the SizeGenetics traction device.

It is a medical appendage supported by the written and oral guarantees of doctors and health professionals. It also has accumulated too many user testimonials to back its claims.

What is SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

SizeGenetics is a very popular penis enlargement brand that promises to extend the penis to as much as 8.7 inches or even longer. This device is sold all over the world and is very popular for its effectiveness and comfort.

Many men have put their trust upon SizeGenetics and they were very pleased with the results. All they have to do is to wear the device on for long hours every single day.

In a matter of weeks, noticeable results will show. SizeGenetics has effectively taken away the complications of extending or enlarging the penis.

Why traction?

In medical science, traction pertains to a device that corrects problems with the bones, spine, and the skeletal system. The same concept was adapted for the penis. However, the SizeGenetics traction device does not work on the bones, as the focus was shifted on the penile muscles instead.

The SizeGenetics traction device is placed on the penis. It is what men are supposed to wear day in and day out to get results. Once worn, the device will work by causing small tears on the penile muscles while it is being stretched to the fullest possible point for a few hours every day.

The body’s expected reaction when there are tears on the muscles is to repair it. This is also the concept maximized by body building experts. As an effect, the body will produce cells and tissues to fill out the tears. This action is done every single day.

In time, the small tears will tally up. The new layer of muscles produced in the penile area will constitute its enlargement.

That’s how the penis will gain the extra inches by wearing the device alone. SizeGenetics has conveniently adapted the concept of traction that was widely used in orthopedics to its penis enlargement device to deliver the results that men always wanted.

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What does SizeGenetics Extender Include?

Size-Genetics penis extender review
As the most popular penis enlargement device, SizeGenetics comes in a full system that makes wearing it ultra comfortable and hassle-free very possible. SizeGenetics comes in three packages. Two are budget packages that only has the most important elements thrown in.

However, the SizeGenetics Ultimate System comes fully loaded with everything that you need to get the device working easily and comfortably for you to gain maximum results.
What’s included in the Ultimate System are:
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceThe SizeGenetics Device
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceThe Budget Device
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceInstructional DVD
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Device58-way Comfort Strap
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceSpare Parts
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceLuxury Leather Case
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceTravel Case
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DevicePenis Health Online
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DevicePenis Health DVD
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceRevita Cream
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceTraction Plus Powder
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceDevice Wipes
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceLove Centria Online
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Device180-day Guarantee
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Device$50 Discount Code

All of the items listed above have special uses that can maximize the results that you want to get out of the device. Be sure that you take advantage of each of them, including the instructional materials and DVDs that will take you closer to your goal of having a bigger and better penis.

The SizeGenetics System 16-Way Comfort

SizeGenetics mail reportsThe very thing that makes SizeGenetics better than all the other penis enlargement devices available today is its 16-way comfort system. Such a system is a combination of six different fasteners, padding, grip, and strap that users may wear along with the traction device.

These attachments and components guarantee users of comfort. They make wearing the device for longer a lot more bearable.

The 16-Way Comfort is now improved to become the 58-way comfort strap, thus giving users a lot of more options when wearing them.
The six items included in the package primarily intended for comfort are:
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceSilicone Noose Fastener
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceComfort-oriented Strap Fastener
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceVelcro Strap Fastener
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceProjection Padding
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceFabric Covered Latex Head Grip
SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement DeviceNon-Slip Protech Matt Strap

The combination of these added components makes up for the SizeGenetics System 16-Way Comfort that puts men at ease with the device on.

By using one or a combination of these items, they will be able to wear the device as long as necessary and without it getting in the way of their daily chores. As such, wearing SizeGenetics to the office or anywhere else is highly possible.

What you really get out of SizeGenetics

For a lot of men, the quest for a bigger and longer penis is more of a pain than a journey. The SizeGenetics traction device can change all of that.

Simply wear the device for a minimum of two hours to a maximum of eight hours everyday and you will be able to expect favorable results. Only a few weeks wearing the device can deliver you the results that you need.

Men may use it for as long as needed, until they get to the size that they want to achieve. SizeGenetics is a simple, comfortable, and very effective penis enlargement device to use.
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How to Use Male Edge Penis Extender

MaleEdge Penis Extender ReviewsOne thing that many men struggle with is penis size. It is the number one cause of dysfunction in a marriage and can cause men to be self conscious during sexual acts. Self consciousness due to penis size can also cause depression and anxiety in men.

There are many options available to help men enlarge their penises and it is important to understand how they work before choosing the method that is right for you.

It is important for you to talk to your doctor before attempting to enlarge your penis. Your doctor may offer their opinion as to the best method to choose and will be able to inform you of important medical information that you will need to consider when trying to enlarge your penis.

Until recently, the only way to extend the size of your penis was by performing surgery. This can be a scary and dangerous task for a man and also be quite expensive. This caused scientists and doctors to attempt to come up with a solution for small penis size without the need for surgery.

This is the reason that penis enlargement devices were created. They allow men to enlarge their penises in the privacy of their own home.

MaleEdge Device Overview

One such device is Male Edge Penis Extender. This company is well known as being the first company to ever have created a penis extender, which is arguably the best one ever created. This revolutionary design was completely unique and way ahead of the other competitors in the market.

Currently Male Edge offers a few various versions of penis extenders. Each has a different length that they will get you to, but they all work basically the same. Each version is an excellent choice for those that do not want to put a lot of work into assembling their product.

This product comes premounted and ready to use straight out of the box. They are lightweight and offer a bit of variety that other products do not offer.

Each version is handmade in Denmark by the finest quality products and are guaranteed to increase both your penis length ans your penis girth. The options are Basic, Extra and Pro and the differences lie in the accessories that the products come with.

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What Does MaleEdge Penis Extender Come With?

Male Edge Basic Penis Enlarger details:
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Blue and white carry case
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Comes with a ruler
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Comes with an additional rubber strap
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Official Male Edge Program is provided
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Price – $179

Male Edge Extra Penis extender details:
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Green and black carry case
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Comes with a handy travel bag
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Two additional rubber straps are also included
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Comes with a protection pad for additional comfort
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Ruler is provided
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Official Male Edge Program is provided
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device This is the best selling product
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Price – $199

Male Edge Pro penis enhancer details:
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Gives you the ultimate Male Edge experience
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device High Quality red and black case
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Comes in an elegant red gift box
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Four additional rubber straps are included
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Comes with two protection pads
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Travel bag and cohesive gauze are proved
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Instructional DVD and a ruler are also included
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Offers the ultimate comfort and performance
Male Edge Penis Stretcher Device Price – $219

After choosing your product, you then need to learn how to use your extender properly. Male Edge Extender offers an easy to follow 12 step instruction guide that will help you on your way to having the penis size that you desire.

Instructions for MaleEdge Penis Stretcher Use

male edge penis stretcherBelow are the steps required and the best way to use your device:

  • Male Edge is delivered already assembled. There is no need for you to put anything together
  • Measure your penis. If it is over 5 inches/12.5 cm when flaccid and stretched out, turn the front piece/rubber strap around. If your penis is under 5 inches when flaccid and stretched out, leave the front piece in the original position
  • Next you will need to separate the rods from the front piece and place the ring around the base of your penis
  • Now you will need to tighten the strap behind the glans of your penis. Note, you can wear the strap on top of or under your skin if you are uncircumcised
  • Rotate the rods clockwise a quarter turn and then pull the rods out to the desired length
  • After you are happy with the rod length, turn them counterclockwise until you hear them click
  • It is important that you do not overextend the rods. However, if the rods should slip out and disconnect, you can press the double split together and push them back on
  • Once you have the rods in the right position, push them gently back towards your body. Be sure to secure the front piece securely until the rods are pushing them together. You should hear a click when they are aligned properly
  • You can read the traction by lining the inside split with the indicators on the transparent cylinder. This is found just above the base ring
  • You can increase the traction by pushing them gently with your thumbs, which move the rods forward by one click
  • Make a schedule to move up the traction of the device. Gradually add hours per day that you wear the extender and traction levels until you are to the desired length
  • This product is flexible and can easily move up and down, so you can easily choose the best, most comfortable, position for you

Male Edge penis extender can be worn during the day under loose fitting clothing and even at night. However, wearing at night will depend on your sleeping habits. If you move quite a bit while sleeping, you probably will want to refrain from wearing your extender while you sleep.

This product offers high quality, but remains low maintenance. It can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher as needed. For best results, follow instructions carefully so that you can have the best experience
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Where to find Phallosan forte Penis Extender Discounts

For those men who wants to increase the size of their penis and thus considering the use of Phallosan Forte Belt, one of the questions that they may ask is, Are there any discounts or cheaper ways to receive this product?

Before answering this question we first need to understand why men need this product and how Phallosan forte works.

Why you need a penis extender

Buy Phallosan Forte Traction DeviceMen use devices that enlarge their penis for a variety of reasons. Many are embarrassed due to the size of their penis and tend to become depressed and anxious when in sexual encounters.

Others are having problems with medical issues such as erectile dysfunction, which can lead to many problems in a relationship.

Others have a disease that causes a curvature to the penis shaft. Although a curved penis is quite normal, sometime the curve is not natural and can lead to further damage if not corrected. Whatever the reason, sexual issues are one of the leading causes of dysfunction in a marriage.

Before, the only way to control the size of a penis was by way of surgery. These surgeries were extremely scary for men and could be expensive and dangerous. To make matters worse, the surgeries didn’t work for everybody. Some men saw little to no change in the size of their penis.

Now, however, there are many options available that allow you to have the same results of surgery in the comfort of your own home, all without invasive medical procedures.

How Phallosan forte Penis Extender Works

phallosan traction force works
Phallosan penis extender works with a basic traction vacuum system. The penis is placed in a device that is worn 8-10 hours per day and works to lengthen the penis by use of a vacuum stretching device.

There is a protective cap that is placed on the head of the penis to avoid any risk of damage to the glans. This also helps to create a vacuum seal. Next the penis is inserted into a bell shaped contraption, which you then will extract the air out of to form a seal.

A belt is worn with this device, as well, and is used to strengthen the stretch that is placed on the penis. One of the best things about this specific device is the amount of suction that can be created when using it. Most devices of this nature only offer a 2000 g maximum of tension while the Phallosan offers 3000 g.

You can also use this device at any time because it allows for easy movement and you won’t be able to see it through your clothes. It is advised not to wear the product at night until you are used to the device, but after time, this too will be very comfortable.

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Phallosan forte Penis Extender Pricing

After you’ve decided to use this particular product, you will need to learn how to get it. This product can typically be purchased through the company’s website through HERE.

This product has the following pricing structure on the website:
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review For the device itself:

  • ₤239,00 or $331 USD

Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review For replacement parts:

  • 3 Protector caps – ₤9,00 – $12.50
  • Single collar condom small (S) – ₤17,90 – $25
  • Single collar condom medium (M) – ₤17,90 – $25
  • Single collar condom large (L) -₤17,90 – $25

For replacement of any other portion of the product you will need to contact the company directly, via the information that is listed on their website.

Phallosan forte Penis Stretcher Discounts

phallosan forte review You may have to do some digging in order to find better pricing than what is listed on the website. It is important to remember that this product has undergone several rounds of clinical studies in order to be promoted as one of the best options available.

It has been created to be non-allergenic and only the finest quality parts and materials have been used during its design.

That being said, there are places that you can find that may have a coupon code available for use. There are also less expensive options available that you might find easier on your wallet. Typical penis extenders come with a minimum price tag of $100 like the Vimax Penis Stretcher, so it will be difficult to find a proper product any cheaper than that.

However, you may find that conducting penile enlargement exercises may work to your benefit. There are also herbal medications that you may try that are intended to enlarge your penis size, but they too can become expensive.

Some options offer a free trial period, so this may help if you are wanting to try out a few different methods.
Your doctor may also be able to offer some options that you may find suitable.

Your doctor will also be able to determine if you have any medical conditions that will need to be treated before enlarging your penis.
phallosan forte fda approved
Some conditions also are the cause for many sexual problems so it is a good idea to seek medical advice, especially if you have not experienced these issues in the past.

In order to find the best price for the best value, do some research before making a purchase. Sometimes it is best to go ahead and buy the best product available rather than wasting time on products that do not work as well.

In the long run, you will end up saving money by not having the need to replace your product several times.

After you have chosen your method, remember to be patient and use the particular male enhancement product as it was intended to be used. Penis enlargement typically takes some time, up to six months in some circumstances.

Although this may be a frustrating period of time, don’t attempt to force the product to work faster. This could cause damage to your penis that will later need medical correction.

Be sure to follow all instructions carefully in order to avoid injury and to develop the best results possible. The time spent following the directions correctly will be overlooked once you have reached your goal and can begin a happy sex life with your permanent partner.
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LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream Ingredients

Here’s the complete list of LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream ingredients:

Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Water (Aqua)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Cetearyl Alcohol (Plant Derived)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle CreamsSilicon Oxide
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Titanium Dioxide
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Glycerin (Plant Derived)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Cetearyl Glucoside
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle CreamsSclerotium Gum
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Iron Oxides
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Thioctic Acid (a-Lipoic Acid)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle CreamsTetrahydrobisdemethoxydiferuloylmethane
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle CreamsSpilanthes Acmella Flower Extract
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle CreamsRetinol (Vitamin A)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Stabilized Vitamin C)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Cupric Carbonate Hydroxide (Mala’Kite)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Plant Derived)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Phenoxyethanol (Preservative)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle CreamsTribehenin, Ceramide 2
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Ethylhexylglycerin (Plant Derived Preservative)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Squalane (Plant Derived) PEG-10 Rapeseed Sterol
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Steareth-20 (Plant Derived)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Acetyl Hexapeptide-3
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Dipeptide-2
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Tocopherol (Antioxidant)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Beta Carotene
Lifecell Anti Wrinkle Creams Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Palmitate)

Lifecell skin cream is known to be one of the best anti-wrinkle creams today. They offer 30 days risk-free trial to test the product whether it would work for you or not.

Body Hair Removal Creams Review

dermalogy hair removal creams reviewThere are countless of reviews about different types of body hair removal creams and products all over the place, including the internet, forums, discussion groups and even on retailer’s websites.

One key characteristic about these reviews is the fact that the majority of reviews express dissatisfaction with regards to the overall effectiveness of each body hair removal cream and its results, which are usually not the results expected nor the results that are inherent to the massive advertising and publicity campaigns made by the company.

The existence of many of these reviews directly correlate to the fact that body hair removal creams that are reviewed are simply products that are not effective in any possible way, hence their negative reviews and customer dissatisfaction with regards to this same aspect of reliability, quality and great overall results.

It is no surprise that day by day the majorities of these body hair removal cream reviews continue to escalate further up in negative reviews and continued customer satisfaction.

Our given point is the fact that the best and most effective body hair removal creams are scarce, while leaving approximately 80% of those creams in limbo that are truly ineffective and unreliable, where only about 20% of those body hair removal creams in the market are truly effective and the majority of customers who have never tried nor used one will most likely be inclined toward choosing the wrong body hair removal cream.

One of the best hair removal creams according to customer reviews and reputation is the Dermology hair removal cream.

This categorization of the best hair removal cream comes from the fact that it is a truly reliable and effective cream, greatly optimized for an excellent level of results obtained within a short period of time and customers have expressed in their reviews a more favoritism toward the Dermology brand than to any other brand out there.

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What Do Reviews Say about Dermology Body Hair Removal Lotion?

dermology hair removal product review
One of the flagship and best-selling hair removal products from Dermology is its hair removal lotion which has proven wonders to almost 100% of customers who have ever used it to remove hair from essentially any part of their body.

Among the best categorized benefits of Dermology hair removal lotion include its excellent all-natural ingredients and clinically proven formula that has given the best results for thousands of customers worldwide. Dermology’s excellent overall nature in allowing among the best and most effective results has given its reputation across the industry with the best reviews from customers that have solidified and established Dermology’s reputation and high quality over any other brand out there that offers hair removal products.

Another key characteristic with regards to Dermology hair removal lotion is its affordability. There are countless of ways to remove hair from different parts of the body and usually they are quite expensive, sophisticated, may carry some risks and nasty side effects.

With Dermology, customers can have the peace of mind knowing that it is a completely safe product, highly affordable and offers quality results to all customers who use the product. Customers have expressed in their reviews the great quality to price ratio in terms of Dermology offers and its great branding across the industry.

Some other reviews express a great deal of satisfaction and positive recommendations with regards to the Dermology body hair removal lotion given its excellent reliability that has been consistent for quite a number of years. This is turn has captivated a larger market of customers willing to try out the brand and receive the best results guaranteed by Dermology.

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Dermology Hair Removal Lotion vs. Dermology Hair Removal Serum

Dermalogy Hair Removal Creams Choosing one specific body hair removal product from Dermology can be quite challenging given their excellent benefits and effectiveness glaringly visible by reading real customers’ reviews and the ongoing reputation of Dermology across its entire industry.

However, there are several key distinctions that could favor the hair removal lotions when compared to the hair removal serum, these distinctions can vary in some degree or another but are consistently concluded to be existent given the level at which customers have reviewed both products.

First of all, the Dermology hair removal lotion is mainly directed toward large areas of the body where customers want a complete hair removal process that will effectively bring among the best solutions in terms of removing hair completely and effectively. The lotion itself is highly cream-based, a little liquefied and highly optimal in removing hair from distinct large body areas such as the thighs, legs, back, chest, torso or arms.

On the other hand, Dermology hair removal serum is mainly a smaller counterpart directed toward removing hair from small areas of the body such as armpits, eyebrows, ears, feet and hands. The serum is not that heavily cream-based like the lotion from Dermology, and it’s more solidified than liquefied in the majority of cases.

Both products are amazing in all their functionality and can be used interchangeably among all different types of directions, producing the same level of benefits and results whenever applied to any area of the body. However, the main disposition of choosing either the hair removal lotion or serum is subjectively based on individual preference and taste from the customer given this recommendation.

We highly encourage all individuals to try out Dermology and its great overall benefits and results that are guaranteed to occur given its high level of reputation and affordability.
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