Is Male Edge Penis Stretcher a Scam?

Male-edge works effectivelyAn important thing that you need to determine when choosing a method to enlarge your penis, is whether the options that you are considering is legitimate or not.

There are many methods offered today that promise to provide you with added length and thickness. Each come with their own clinical studies and proven results, but do they really work?

Most male enhancement products work on a traction method. Basically, the device is fitted to your penis and over the course of a few weeks to a few months, it will slowly stretch your penis to a new size. The device is worn for a minimum of 2 hours with maximum results being given to those committed to wearing it for 8 hours per day.

MaleEdge Penis Extender Company Background

The creators of Male Edge were the first company to develop a product of this nature and have since become one of the biggest sellers of male enhancement products on the market. This second generation device comes in three different models basic, extra and pro and each offers testimonials about how this device helped many men who used these products.

However, when you do a bit more research, you will find some who believe that this product, and those like it, are scams. One website claims that there is a downside to using these devices.

Although they use a basic stretching method of lengthening your penis, some believe that while they will cause a lengthening to the suspensory and fundiform ligaments that cause the penis to get longer, they will do little in the way of thickening your penis.

This can cause your penis to become quite thin and therefore a bit unstable during sex. It can even cause sex to become painful.

Another method the Male Edge uses is an ancient form of male enlargement called jelquing. This method allows added blood flow to the penis, therefore making it thicker and stretching the ligaments as well.

While this is an ancient method that has been used for many years, it has only been recently completed by a machine or a contraption. There is the possibility that by using a device to perform jelquing, you may risk injury to yourself that may not be reversible.

One other popular product that Male Edge offers is a penis pump. These were originally invented to help men overcome erectile dysfunction and is completed by using the device to pump large quantities of blood into the penis.

This will help to nourish your penis and, with time, may help the tissues of the penis to grow in size and help retain a larger penis overall. However, some have experienced major issues when using a penis pump. Some men have damaged nerves or have even caused burst blood vessels after using the device.

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Other Male Edge Penis Extender Options

maleedge extenderOne option that does not require surgery, or stretching or engorging of your penis is male enhancement exercises. These methods have been used for many years and have proven to be successful for many men.

They are a safer and more natural alternative and you should try them first before purchasing any device that will enlarge your penis by force.

It is also a good idea to talk with your doctor before beginning any treatment to enlarge your penis. They will be able to offer a professional medical opinion about any methods that they have seen work in the past, as well as side effects that you may experience while attempting to enlarge your penis.

It is important to remember that many of the effects caused by enlarging your penis are typically irreversible. You should keep this in mind before beginning any type of male enlargement regimen.

It is also important to remember that everyone is created differently. Results that one may see have the possibility of being very different for you. While you need to seek advice from those who have used the product in the past, you also need to be mindful to not expect the exact results that they have seen.

While the device may work great for some, it will not for all and you should look at both sides of the reviews in order to make the best decision for you.

It is stressed that you should follow the instructions for MaleEdge stretcher carefully when you use this product. Many of the men who have seen injuries have not been using the product as intended. Not following the user’s manual can lead to many of the injuries that have been aforementioned above.

maleedge products reviewOne of the benefits of some of the more expensive models of Male Edge is that they come with instructional videos and user’s guides to help you use the product correctly.

Detail research has been conducted on these devices and there is no signs that these devices will not work as long as they are used as intended. This is an age old method that has been modernized by this company and has undergone testing by many reputable sources.

Test subjects who were observed over a 6 month period all saw and increase to their penis size in the amount of 2 to 3 inches. These results also show an increase in the girth of the penis in around 20%.

These studies have been conducted both by the company and by independent sources as well. You will even be able to find individual reviews online from people who have used these products at home and found great success.

It is important to conduct good research when determining if you should try a male enhancement product. Using one incorrectly can lead to permanent damage and painful intercourse.

Be sure that you have read all reviews and talked to your doctor before you begin using a male enhancement product. If you have a permanent partner, you will also want to discuss the product with them and the results that may occur.

This is the best way to help maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and to make sure you both are receiving what you need sexually from each other.
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Instructions for Male Edge Penis Extender

MaleEdge Penis Extender ReviewsMany men struggle everyday with the fact that they have a small penis. The reasons that men decide to increase the size of their penises is many.

Men with small penises tend to be self conscious in bed and this can lead to depression and anxiety in their daily lives.

Originally the only way that this could be rectified was by way of surgery. This can be a dangerous and scary procedure for men and can also cost a great deal of money.

Luckily, there are now multiple options available to help men increase the size of their penis. One popular option is the MaleEdge penis extender.

This particular extender is very popular due to the fact that this was the company who first introduced extenders to the world, which has proven to be the most successful extender ever.

What Makes Male Edge Penis Extender so Great

One of the greatest things about Male Edge is the studies that have been put into the product. Years of research have been conducted, and are still being conducted, in order to bring customers the most innovative devices possible.

The company prides itself on getting ahead of the competition by providing customers with the best rated penis extenders possible. Currently, the company offers three versions of their popular extenders.

Each version is an excellent choice for those that do not want to put a lot of work into assembling their product, because it comes premounted and ready to use straight out of the box. This company offers a lightweight product and offer a bit more variety than other brands.

Difference Between Male Edge Stretcher Options

There are three various versions of Male Edge, Basic, Extra and Pro. They are each handmade in Denmark and the differences lie in the accessories that are provided with the products.

Male Edge only uses the highest quality male enhancement products that have the best possibility of lengthening your penis length and thickening your shaft. Below are the items that come with each version.

Male Edge Basic Penis Enlarger:
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Blue and white carry case
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ruler
How to use Male Edge Stretcher One additional rubber strap
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Official Male Edge Program

Male Edge Extra Penis extender – The Best Seller:
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Green and black carry case
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Handy travel bag
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Two additional rubber straps
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Pad for additional comfort
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ruler
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Official Male Edge Program is provided

Male Edge Pro penis enhancer:
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ultimate Male Edge experience
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Red and black case
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Red gift box
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Four additional rubber straps
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Two protection pads
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Travel bag and cohesive gauze
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Instructional DVD and a ruler
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ultimate comfort and performance

After choosing your product, you then need to learn how to use your extender properly. Male Edge offers an easy to follow 12 step instruction guide that will help you on your way to having the penis size that you desire.

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Instructions for MaleEdge Penis Stretcher Use

Below are the steps required and the best way to use your device:

How to use Male Edge Stretcher There is no need to put anything together, because the product comes to your door already mounted and ready to use.

How to use Male Edge Stretcher 1st you will need to measure your penis. Turn the front piece/rubber strap around if your penis is over 5 inches/12.5 cm when flaccid and stretched out, but leave the front piece in the original position if your penis is under 5 inches when flaccid and stretched out

How to use Male Edge StretcherNext you will need to separate the rods from the front piece and place the ring around the base of your penis

How to use Male Edge StretcherNow you will need to tighten the strap behind the glans of your penis. Note, you can wear the strap on top of or under your skin if you are uncircumcised

How to use Male Edge Stretcher Rotate the rods clockwise a quarter turn and then pull the rods out to the desired length

How to use Male Edge StretcherAfter you are happy with the rod length, turn them counterclockwise until you hear them click

How to use Male Edge StretcherIt is important that you do not overextend the rods. However, if the rods should slip out and disconnect, you can press the double split together and push them back on.

How to use Male Edge StretcherOnce you have the rods in the right position, push them gently back towards your body. Be sure to secure the front piece securely until the rods are pushing them together. You should hear a click when they are aligned properly.

How to use Male Edge StretcherYou can read the traction by lining the inside split with the indicators on the transparent cylinder. This is found just above the base ring.

How to use Male Edge StretcherYou can increase the traction by pushing them gently with your thumbs, which move the rods forward by one click

How to use Male Edge StretcherMake a schedule to move up the traction of the device. Gradually add hours per day that you wear the extender and traction levels until you are to the desired length

How to use Male Edge StretcherThis product is flexible and can easily move up and down, so you can easily choose the best, most comfortable, position for you.

It is important to follow instructions carefully when using this product. If you fail to use this product correctly, you risk the chance of damaging your penis and requiring medical attention.

Male Edge products are guaranteed to work or the company will give back twice the money that you paid for the product. With this outstanding guarantee, it pays to try this product to see if the results will work for you.

It is a good idea to seek medical guidance before beginning use of this product. A doctor is the best person to inform you of the medical risks that may be in place when you begin to use this product. You should also keep your permanent partner in the loop when making these decisions.

If you follow the instructions for this product carefully, you have the opportunity to gain the confidence and endurance that many other men have found by using Male Edge.

You can also begin to establish a satisfactory love making experience with your partner and continue to be sexually active for years to come.
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