Canesten Yeast Infection (Thrush) Treatment

Canesten Yeast Infection TreatmentCANESTEN – Canesten is a probiotic supplement which has been formulated to help men and women who suffer from yeast infections (thrush) and bacterial vaginosis.

Yeast Infection or Candidiasis is a condition that approximately 4 out of 5 women will experiencing at some point in their life and many of these suffering the symptoms on a routine basis.

This Canesten natural supplement has been formulated with clinically proven ingredients and carries 48 billion probiotic per serving.

It is a product from the Bayer company who have been using science for over 150 years to help make life better. Canesten comes in the form of supplements(pill form), cream and gel.

Candida Albicans is naturally existent in every women’s body, but stress, antibiotics and the environment can disturb or alter the fragile balance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina. Canesten Yeast infection treatment, which is a probiotic supplement for excellent vaginal health can recreate the delicate balance of these elements in your body so YOU will be better placed to ward-off vaginal candida infection.

The supplement, taken once per day, the 4 strains of clinically proven probiotics would boost your immune system and balance yeast and bacteria so YOU could keep vaginal yeast infections away.

canesten duo oral and cream review Featured in a number of worldwide media outlets and also carrying renowned Doctor’s endorsements, Canesten contains 48 Billion live “friendly” bacteria per capsule.

You would have to drink 480 bottles of a probiotic drink to gain the same benefit.

To help treat your thrush effectively you can choose from a range of treatments, which includes internal and external creams to give you instant relief and get to work down below, and oral treatments to get to work from inside. A combination of treatments can also be chosen.

The Canestan oral supplements are an effective one-off yeast infection treatment. Just a single dose can start working to clear up the infection. And if you’ve passed it to your partner, he or she too can take a capsule

The external Canestan cream quickly goes to work, cooling the burning and itching, giving you good instant relief. Simply apply thinly over the irritated or itchy area until the symptoms disappear. For internal relief, choose the soft gel pessary which is inserted into the vagina using the applicator provided, working right at the site of the infection.

Canesten Yeast Infection Treatment Benefits

Balances yeast and bacteria to get rid of vaginal candidiasis
v Boost your immune system so you will be better equipped to fight yeast infection
Get the best clinically-proven probiotics to maintain optimal feminine health
v Provide your body with friendly bacteria to control your vaginal flora within a normal range
Unique and tested formula not available anywhere else
No side effect. Totally safe. Totally effective 100% natural probiotics
Fights off vaginal thrush 24 hours a day with the introduction of “good bacteria” into your body that will keep rival “bad bacteria” in check
No side effect. Helps get rid of recurring candida infection and bacterial vaginosis

The Canesten Yeast Infection and Candidiasis Treatment combo package cost only $18.00 .

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