Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kits

Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kits ReviewSMILE 4 YOU – Smile 4 You’s Dental White has been responsible for giving millions of people across America and the World a boost in confidence with a fantastic white smile.

And now, you too can boast of the smile you’ve always wished for with the help of the most admired home teeth whitening kit America has ever witnessed.

Produced by a top American Dentist, the ‘Smile 4 You’ teeth whitening kits have featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show 5 times! Oprah agrees that you will get the amazing white smile you’ve always craved with Smile 4 You’s Home Teeth Whitening Kit.

The kits carry 16% Carbamide Peroxide which is comparable to 5.8% Hydrogen Peroxide. It is precisely the same quantity a Dentist will use all through in-surgery whitening treatments, only the real strength may vary.

‘Smile 4 You’ is also the number 1 leading teeth whitener offered in the UK by the company under the name Dental White. It can be stored effortlessly and can be kept for up to two years. This home teeth whitening kit from Dr Georges Dental White(in UK) is useful whenever you need to brighten up your smile.

It has been featured in a number of media outlets including the Brides Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine, Love It! Magazine, GQ Magazine, The Diet Doctors TV Show, Nickleodeon TV and a host more.

Smile 4 You kits are fully certified by the Food & Drug Administration of America (FDA), which shows its safe and very effective – FOR UK CUSTOMERS, PLEASE VISIT THE SMILE 4 YOU DENTAL WHITE WEBSITE.

Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kit Features

Teeth Whitening Kits Review Ultimate Package includes 120ML Whitening Gel for over 200 Treatments – 4 Times More!
Teeth Whitening Kits Review 1 Blue Laser Light for Faster Whitening
Teeth Whitening Kits Review 2 After Care Gels for Individuals with Sensitive teeth and/or Weak teeth
Teeth Whitening Kits Review 1 Applicator and 2 Mouth Trays
Teeth Whitening Kits Review 1 Tooth Gloss for Whitening Boost and 1 Tooth Shade Guide
Teeth Whitening Kits Review 11 Shades Lighter in 2 Weeks Guaranteed!
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Works in 30 minutes
Teeth Whitening Kits Review FDA Approved as 100% Safe – Proven safety record
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Great customer service.
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Can be stored for upto 2 years – Shelf life of 2 years
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Featured on Oprah Show 5 times and also in a number of health magazines and TV shows
Teeth Whitening Kits Review 14 Days moneyback guarantee
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Lots of great info on the site
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Recognised by both US & UK Cosmetic Dentists
Teeth Whitening Kits Review Comes with Instructions and Guidelines

The Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kit Ultimate Package cost only $69.95 with 14 Days money-back guarantee and it includes all the items needed to provide you optimum results.

Option 5 – Starter Pack = $38.85
Option 4 – Teeth Whitening & Aftercare = $43.52
Option 3 – Express Whitening Package = $46.63
Option 2 – Express Whitening & Aftercare = $54.40
Option 1 – Ultimate Pack = $69.95

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