MaleExtra Male Enhancement Pills Review

MaleExtra Male Enhancement PillsMALEEXTRA – MaleExtra Male Enhancement program is available as a complete system. It comes with a highly potent male enhancement formula (Penis Enlargement Pill) & PenisHealth enlargement exercises DVDs, free LoveCentria membership and Vit5 Health pills.

MaleExtra contains Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid – proclaimed as ‘natures natural Viagra’, which aids in advancing and maintaining a hard rock, solid erection resulting in improved confidence in the bedroom.

This is a different Pomegranate from the common ones. You would have to drink 400+ Pomegranate juices to get the potency which is found in this MaleExtra™ Penis Enhancement Pill!

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MaleExtra has no quibbles 180-Day money back guarantee! This products is priced at $38.25 per box(90 pills) for the biggest package:

1 Month Package = $59.95
2 Months Package = 127.95
4 Months Package (Buy 3 + 1 Free) = $198.95
7 Months Package (Buy 4 + 3 free) = $238.95
12 Months Package = $458.95

You get the extra Goodies (PenisHealth Enlargement Exercises DVDs and Online Access, Free LoveCentria membership and Vit5 Health pills) when the 4 months and upwards package is purchased…
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