Phallosan Penis Enlarger Device Review

Phallosan Penis ExtenderPHALLOSAN – Clinically tested and patented product Phallosan is proven to enlarge the penis by 1.9 inches in length and 0.78 in girth in just 6 months.

Phallosan underwent a clinical study in 2005 with fantastic results which was then followed by a publication in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine”. They are the market leaders in the penis enhancement industry.

Both the complete study and the journal entry are available on their website. Their website has 25 country specific landing pages, which means many national can read the information there.

Penis stretching (or penis enlargement) can be achieved with either traction (traction device – penis extenders) or pumping (penis vacuum pumps). Phallosan forte is a stretching device that cleverly combines the traction that penis extenders use and vacuum technology used by penis pumps. It must be noted that Phallosan forte, however, is not a penis pump.

That makes this penis enhancement product very unique – the only product to effectively combine both the traction and vacuuming technologies.

Every shipment comes with the new third-generation condoms.
PHALLOSAN forte penis enlarger is an application that can be worn continuously for up to 12 hours, i.e. even at night. It works on the principle of a stretch belt worn comfortably and invisibly beneath the clothing.

PHALLOSAN® may also enlarge the head of the penis (glans), as the tension acts on the tip of the glans.

PHALLOSAN® has been classified as a Class 1 medical product according to the directives of the European health authorities.

Included in the Phallosan forte kit

Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review Three suction bells (small, medium, large) with attached sleeve condoms
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review Measuring tool to decide the right size of suction bell for you
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review DVD disk with instructions (as well as printed manual, seen in the photo above)
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review Protector cap that is put over your penis glans
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review Suction ball with 3-way valve to suck out any air from the suction bell
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review Tension clip with tension springs to adjust the intensity of the tension using a traffic light color code system
Phallosan forte Penis Extender Review Orthopaedic elastic belt that is strapped around the waist to keep the device in place and to apply tension (by adjusting it)

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Phallosan Penis Enlarger – How It Works

Buy Phallosan Forte Traction Device The penis tissue is stimulated to form new cells by continuous – gentle – stretching. PHALLOSAN® creates an almost unnoticeable vacuum that acts on the entire penis, starting with the glans.

The high degree of comfort of PHALLOSAN® makes it easy for the user to wear the system for a period of ten hours without any inconvenience at all – the main prerequisite for penis enlargement success!

Phallosan Forte is developed and designed by a German company and manufactured in Malta. It is the most popular penis enhancement tool in Germany.

This product positions the penis in such a way to maintain maximum tension while remaining comfortable and unnoticeable. You will easily be able to wear this product to work, without anyone knowing the difference.

Many men have seen great results by using this penis enhancement product. For further information, you should check out the clinical studies that have been conducted on this product before committing to making a purchase.

Be sure to follow all instructions carefully to attain the best results possible. Be patient and use the product as intended as it is the best way to ensure that you will receive the results that you want and thus be able to increase your sexual satisfaction.

The Phallosan penis enlarger comes with a 2-week money back guarantee, and priced at $339.00.
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