Do Pheromone Perfumes Really Work?

nexus pheromones perfume reviewSocially challenged men, including the ones who tend to be shy in the company of women, will need all the help that they can get to improve their situation.

And one of the things that they can use is a pheromone perfume. But what are these perfumes and how do they work?

Pheromones are regarded as a breakthrough discovery in dating and mating. Pheromones are a special kind of scent that can attract the opposite sex.

There are pheromones that can be used by both men and women, although most of the ones available today are specifically formulated for men. These scents trigger a positive sensual response among women, thus drawing them closer to the man who wears it.

How does Pheromone Cologne Work?

According to the 12 years of scientific research that was performed on male subjects that were presented among a group of females, men emit a certain kind of scent that can either attract or repel women.

These ‘natural’ scents are actually pheromones at work. Men who are attractive, fit, and healthy have good pheromones.

But those who are obese and are rather unattractive tend to release a different kind – the type that repels women, not attract them.

The same study also showed how pheromones actually work. The scent triggers an emotional response from women, as it goes straight to their emotional center, bypassing the brain altogether.

That is how they start to drawn feel towards a man or even fall for him the moment that they see him. So basically, it was never really love at first sight – it was more like love at first scent.

The latter part of the study was focused on how to reproduce the pheromones or the scent of an attractive man. The challenge was to create a perfume out of it and put it in a bottle.

With such a formulation, men can easily spray or apply the scent and solicit the positive of response they always want from women. A man can now easily make advancements on the woman he is interested with and enjoy positive results.

What’s inside the bottle?

Inside every bottle of pheromones perfume are different male scents that will effectively trigger a woman’s sexual awareness. The seven most popular pheromone scents are as follows:
Androstenone – the scent of dominance
Alpha-adrostenol – the scent of comfort
Androstenrone – the scent of masculinity
Epiandrosterone – the scent of youthfulness
Beta-androstenol – the scent of confidence
Androstedienone – the scent of caring
Androstanone – the scent of power

The special combination of some or all of these pheromones can provoke the positive response that every man wants from women. Pheromones may actually simplify the dating game and improve a man’s attraction level among the opposite sex.

The different brands of pheromone perfumes have their own special blends of the above mentioned scents. Some even include newly discovered ones.

The idea is to include as many scents as possible in order to provoke the maximum response needed among women.

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What do men say about Pheromone Perfumes?

nexus pheromones cologneReal men have tried pheromones as they have been around for quite some time now. Many of the men were satisfied with how the product has worked for them.

Some men even attest to wearing them before entering a club and the results they get were amazing. A guy who regarded himself to never have any luck among women tried the perfume. He was amazed that ladies start to flock to him after using the spray.

Pheromones are the best perfume to use at a party or at any event where there are lots of women present. Its scent alone can get women talking about you, thus making you one of the more popular guys present.

Sometimes, it may even trigger women to fight over you.

For men who want to try pheromone perfumes, the maximum dosage is usually three sprays or three drops. That’s all you need to make the scent to linger for as long as possible.

Will it work for me?

Pheromones have a very high success rate among men. It is not surprising how it can transform a rather unattractive guy into a very cool one in the eyes of a woman.

Pheromones can create an unprecedented effect on all female sand it is guaranteed to work for any man. Using it on a regular basis is good, although limiting its use only if you want to be the center of a woman’s attention is highly recommended.

For men who are concerned about the actual scent of these perfumes will be happy to know that most brands can be combined with any regular cologne or perfume and the same effect will be enjoyed. That means there shouldn’t be any reason why a man shouldn’t consider or at least try it even once.

Final Words

If you want to turn your life around or if you want lead an exciting life rather than a boring one, you might want to try a pheromone perfume.

There are brands that are not at all expensive and even comes with free items in the package. Try them and be the apple of a woman’s eye. One spray of the perfume can get you a friend, a partner, or even a wife.

Level the playing field. Will you still remain as the unattractive guy when there’s a very high chance that you can be the life of the party? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain if you try pheromone perfumes.

Many brands even come with a money back guarantee. Try pheromones before it’s too late.
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