Some Best Penis Enlargers Today

penis stretching reviewMen use devices that enlarge their penises for a variety of reasons. Many are embarrassed due to the size of their penis and tend to become depressed and anxious when in sexual encounters. Others are having problems with medical issues such as erectile dysfunction, which can lead to many problems in a relationship.

Others have a disease that causes a curvature to the penis shaft. Although a curved penis is quite normal, sometime the curve is not natural and can lead to further damage if not corrected. Whatever the reason, sexual issues are one of the leading causes of dysfunction in a marriage.

Before, the only way to control the size of a penis was by way of surgery. These surgeries were extremely scary for men and could be expensive and dangerous. To make matters worse, the surgeries didn’t work for everybody. Some men saw little to no change in the size of their penis.

Now, however, there are many options available that allow you to have the same results of surgery in the comfort of your own home, all without invasive medical procedures.

Vimax Penis Extender

One option is Vimax Penis Extenders. It works on a simple traction method. The device is fitted onto the penis and slowly stretches the penis to a new length. Different pieces are added throughout the use of the product to slowly and painlessly get your penis to the length that you want it to be.

The Vimax Penis Stretcher offers a cheap method of extending the length of your penis and a safer option other than surgery and medical procedures. The company is a medically reputable one that has spent many years conducting research and performing tests in order to ensure that their product is ready for use.

Vimax Traction Device has been clinically proven to help the following areas:
Penis Enlargement Devices Device has the ability to correct up to 75% of Penile deviations and curvatures.
Penis Enlargement Devices Will help reduce the amount of discomfort during intercourse.
Penis Enlargement Devices Will improve your confidence and self-image.

Male Edge Penis Enlarger

Male-edge works effectively Another option is Male Edge penis extenders. One of the greatest things about Male Edge is the studies that have been put into the product.

Years of research have been conducted, and are still being conducted, in order to bring customers the most innovative devices possible. The company prides itself on getting ahead of the competition by providing customers with the best rated penis extenders possible. Currently, the company offers three versions of their popular extenders.

Male Edge extender works on a penis traction system. Basically, the device applies a stretching motion to your penis and, overtime, will allow for added growth and thickness to your penis. This is created by a process called cytokenesis. The is a permanent development of the size of your penis length and width.

This process has been studied for years and proven to be an effective method to gain the size of a penis that you desire. This is also a painless process that has shown no signs of side effects. It can easily be used by people in their own home and helps avoid the expensive and dangerous method of surgery.

Phallosan forte Penis Extender

Phallosan penis extender is the most different of the three options presented. Phallosan works with a basic traction vacuum system. The penis is placed in a device that is worn 8-10 hours per day and works to lengthen the penis by use of a vacuum stretching device.

There is a protective cap that is placed on the head of the penis to avoid any risk of damage to the glans. This also helps to create a vacuum seal. Next the penis is inserted into a bell shaped contraption, which you then will extract the air out of to form a seal.

A belt is worn with this device, as well, and is used to strengthen the stretch that is placed on the penis. One of the best things about this specific device is the amount of suction that can be created when using it. Most devices of this nature only offer a 2000 g maximum of tension whilst Phallosan forte offers 3000 g.

You can also use this device at any time because it allows for easy movement and you won’t be able to see it through your clothes. It is advised not to wear the product at night until you are used to the device, but after time, this too will be very comfortable.

Whichever product that you choose, you need to be certain that you are choosing a reputable company that has clinical studies to back up their product. Be sure to compare your options and read some of the testimonials that each of the products list on their websites as well as any third party reviews that you may find.

A doctor may also be able to assist you when making this decision. You will need to seek medical advice before using one of these products in order to help you better understand that process that your body will be put through and to be certain that you will not be offered any health risks.

You should allow your partner to visit the doctor with you so that you have a second set of ears available to learn everything that you need to know about penis enlargement. Be sure that you discuss the process with your partner so that you are both on the same page as to where you would like your sexual relationship to go in the future.

Above all, be patient. Remember that enlarging your penis takes time and if you attempt to speed up the process, you risk injuring yourself and either required medical attention or injuring yourself permanently. Be certain that you read and follow all instructions carefully that come with your product.

This will keep you safe, healthy and on the right road to developing a larger penis, a better self-esteem and above all a more satisfying sex life between you and your partner.

Where to Buy Male Edge Penis Extender

maleedge extenderDanaLife first gained recognition in 1995 when they invented the original penis extender and patented the Jes-Extender system. This system was clinically tested and proven to enlarge men’s penis length and width.

In 2008, DanaLife launched MaleEdge, the second generation device, and replicated the results of the Jes-Extender system.

The Jes-Extender system was the first non-surgical penis enlargement product ever created and quickly became a major success. The reason for its success is due to the reason many men wish to develop a larger penis.

Studies show that penis size has a direct effect on the amount of satisfactory sex that men have. Satisfactory sex is also the largest problem that plagues modern day marriages.

The revolutionary product worked so well because it used a method called traction. This helps to leverage the human body’s natural ability to grow. When DanaLife introduced their new product Male Edge in 2008, they challenged competitors with the most innovative male enhancement product ever created.

Male Edge Penis Stretcher Introduction

penis extender deviceMale Edge is not only stylish and discreet, it is also comfortable and easy to use on your own in the privacy of your own home. It has also been scientifically proven to work to enlarge your penis to a more desirable length.

At DanaLife, the goal is to promote self improvement. The company showcases this product as similar to going to the gym or using beauty products. They provide a product that is safe, affordable and clinically proven.

This product is based on a natural, non-surgical method that has been clinically proven and tests to work for penis enlargement called penis traction. This method has been tested by many institutions and is backed by scientific finding that it works as intended.

Penis traction works by applying stead stretching to the shaft of the penis over the course of a few weeks or months. This causes cells to divide and multiply in a process called cytokinesis and results in new tissue growth in the penis. Over time, this makes you longer and thicker.

This product is preferred to surgeries because it allows you to set your own pace. You have the ability to choose how long you wear the device each day, which allows you to control your achievement of your goals.

Over time, Male Edge can help you grow around 2 to 3 inches in length as well as increase your girth as well.
Male Edge offers a permanent solution to your penis issues, and it has been approved by doctors as a natural way to extend the length of your penis.

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Male Edge has also been proven by the British Journal of Urology as a proven and effective way to lengthen your penis. A 24 week unbiased test was run by the British Journal of Urology that was carried out on 18 men from the ages of 23 to 47.

They found an average increase in length to be 1.9 cm to 2.8 cm, averaging out to be an increase of 1.9 mm per week. They also found no complications along the way.

The great thing about Male Edge is that it works for all men. No matter how small you are, you have the capability of growing your penis by using Male Edge extender, and success is guaranteed.

The product has been designed to fit comfortably no matter what your penis size is, and you can expect to see a 28% increase in length and 19% in girth. Due to the device’s innovative, light-weight comfortable design, you will also not have the need to worry if the device will alter your every day life or have any effect on your quality of life.

You will easily be able to wear the device at work or during sleep and you can continue having sex with your partner as usual.

MaleEdge Extender Reviews and Testimonials

male edge penis stretcherThe creator of this device, Jes Bech Muller, receives over 200 positive testimonials every week. The forum that is associated with the company’s website hosts over 13,000 subscribers in which the device is openly discussed and reviewed.

Here satisfied customers are able to tell their stories, ask questions and engage with other customers about the best ways to reach their goals.

It is important to remember that this product is intended to work overtime. While some men have seen results in as little as a few short weeks, results for you may take longer. Every man’s body is created differently and therefore will react differently to Male Edge.

Remember to be patient and to follow the directions carefully in order to refrain from injuring yourself. Improper use of the device could lead to the damaging of your penis.

Before beginning the use of this product, be sure to talk with your doctor. They will be able to discuss any side effects that you may expect and be able to give you their medical opinion on the best method for you to extend the size of your penis.

Keep in mind that there are now multiple methods that can be used and it is important that you research each carefully before beginning a penis enlarging regimen. This process is often permanent and you will want to be certain of your desires before beginning.

Where to Buy Male Edge Penis Extender

To purchase this product you can visit the Male Edge penis extender website. On this site, you will be able to read about the device fully in order to gain the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision.

You can read into the testimonials that have been left by other users and even participate in a forum discussion of the product. Be sure to read all of the information on the best ways to use the device. Using the device properly is key when attempting to enlarge your penis size.

With a little patience and dedication, you can comfortably grow the size and girth of your penis without the need for expensive and dangerous surgeries. Be sure to discuss your plans with your partner in order to maintain the best sex life possible.

This will allow your partner to express their desires for your penis size and allow you to decide together what is best for the two of you.
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Instructions for Male Edge Penis Extender

MaleEdge Penis Extender ReviewsMany men struggle everyday with the fact that they have a small penis. The reasons that men decide to increase the size of their penises is many.

Men with small penises tend to be self conscious in bed and this can lead to depression and anxiety in their daily lives.

Originally the only way that this could be rectified was by way of surgery. This can be a dangerous and scary procedure for men and can also cost a great deal of money.

Luckily, there are now multiple options available to help men increase the size of their penis. One popular option is the MaleEdge penis extender.

This particular extender is very popular due to the fact that this was the company who first introduced extenders to the world, which has proven to be the most successful extender ever.

What Makes Male Edge Penis Extender so Great

One of the greatest things about Male Edge is the studies that have been put into the product. Years of research have been conducted, and are still being conducted, in order to bring customers the most innovative devices possible.

The company prides itself on getting ahead of the competition by providing customers with the best rated penis extenders possible. Currently, the company offers three versions of their popular extenders.

Each version is an excellent choice for those that do not want to put a lot of work into assembling their product, because it comes premounted and ready to use straight out of the box. This company offers a lightweight product and offer a bit more variety than other brands.

Difference Between Male Edge Stretcher Options

There are three various versions of Male Edge, Basic, Extra and Pro. They are each handmade in Denmark and the differences lie in the accessories that are provided with the products.

Male Edge only uses the highest quality male enhancement products that have the best possibility of lengthening your penis length and thickening your shaft. Below are the items that come with each version.

Male Edge Basic Penis Enlarger:
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Blue and white carry case
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ruler
How to use Male Edge Stretcher One additional rubber strap
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Official Male Edge Program

Male Edge Extra Penis extender – The Best Seller:
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Green and black carry case
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Handy travel bag
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Two additional rubber straps
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Pad for additional comfort
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ruler
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Official Male Edge Program is provided

Male Edge Pro penis enhancer:
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ultimate Male Edge experience
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Red and black case
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Red gift box
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Four additional rubber straps
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Two protection pads
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Travel bag and cohesive gauze
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Instructional DVD and a ruler
How to use Male Edge Stretcher Ultimate comfort and performance

After choosing your product, you then need to learn how to use your extender properly. Male Edge offers an easy to follow 12 step instruction guide that will help you on your way to having the penis size that you desire.

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Instructions for MaleEdge Penis Stretcher Use

Below are the steps required and the best way to use your device:

How to use Male Edge Stretcher There is no need to put anything together, because the product comes to your door already mounted and ready to use.

How to use Male Edge Stretcher 1st you will need to measure your penis. Turn the front piece/rubber strap around if your penis is over 5 inches/12.5 cm when flaccid and stretched out, but leave the front piece in the original position if your penis is under 5 inches when flaccid and stretched out

How to use Male Edge StretcherNext you will need to separate the rods from the front piece and place the ring around the base of your penis

How to use Male Edge StretcherNow you will need to tighten the strap behind the glans of your penis. Note, you can wear the strap on top of or under your skin if you are uncircumcised

How to use Male Edge Stretcher Rotate the rods clockwise a quarter turn and then pull the rods out to the desired length

How to use Male Edge StretcherAfter you are happy with the rod length, turn them counterclockwise until you hear them click

How to use Male Edge StretcherIt is important that you do not overextend the rods. However, if the rods should slip out and disconnect, you can press the double split together and push them back on.

How to use Male Edge StretcherOnce you have the rods in the right position, push them gently back towards your body. Be sure to secure the front piece securely until the rods are pushing them together. You should hear a click when they are aligned properly.

How to use Male Edge StretcherYou can read the traction by lining the inside split with the indicators on the transparent cylinder. This is found just above the base ring.

How to use Male Edge StretcherYou can increase the traction by pushing them gently with your thumbs, which move the rods forward by one click

How to use Male Edge StretcherMake a schedule to move up the traction of the device. Gradually add hours per day that you wear the extender and traction levels until you are to the desired length

How to use Male Edge StretcherThis product is flexible and can easily move up and down, so you can easily choose the best, most comfortable, position for you.

It is important to follow instructions carefully when using this product. If you fail to use this product correctly, you risk the chance of damaging your penis and requiring medical attention.

Male Edge products are guaranteed to work or the company will give back twice the money that you paid for the product. With this outstanding guarantee, it pays to try this product to see if the results will work for you.

It is a good idea to seek medical guidance before beginning use of this product. A doctor is the best person to inform you of the medical risks that may be in place when you begin to use this product. You should also keep your permanent partner in the loop when making these decisions.

If you follow the instructions for this product carefully, you have the opportunity to gain the confidence and endurance that many other men have found by using Male Edge.

You can also begin to establish a satisfactory love making experience with your partner and continue to be sexually active for years to come.
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MaleEdge Penis Enlargers

MaleEdge Penis ExtenderMALEEDGE – With the MaleEdge Penis Enlarger, penis growth is guaranteed. On average, men using the MaleEdge increase their penis size by 28% length and 19% by girth.

Did you know that smoking cigarettes can decrease penis size by up to one centimeter?

With the traction-based MaleEdge penis enlarger, you decide how much traction you apply to your penis. You also decide how long you wear the penis enlarger for.

The more you wear your penis enlarger, the bigger you’ll grow. And as soon as you’re happy with your new length/girth, you can simply stop using it. Ultimately, you set your own goals for penis enlargement – and the MaleEdge penis enlarger will help you achieve them.

The MaleEdge Penis Enlarger Science

With the Male Edge penis enlargement device, your penis will be subjected to gentle but constant traction. In effect, the tissue will be gradually stretched and expanded. Don’t worry, this is 100% safe and most people won’t even notice that the treatment is in process before they measure their results.

Within days, you’ll start to develop new tissue in your penis – and it is this new tissue that will make you grow longer and thicker. The more you use the Male Edge penis enlarger, the bigger you’ll grow. Simple as that!

The Packages:

Basic Retail = $179.00
Extra Retail + Extras = $199.00
Ultimate Package = $219.00

MaleEdge Penis Enlarger has double money back guarantee. It means if you’re not able to achieve penis growth within 6 months, they will refund your money twice.
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